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 People blown over in streets as Storm Ivar hits Norway

looks fun

makin’ my way dOWNTO—-



not gonna lie at first I thought these people were really good at the Smooth Criminal lean

step 1. buy several hundred bags of miniature marshmallows 

step 2. somehow get upwind

step 3. open the bags and let the sugary puffs fly free

step 4. enjoy the sight of people getting absolutely pelted with marshmallows 

step 5. ?????????

step 6. profit 


Nocturne, Railway Crossing, Chicago, 1893 ~ Childe Hassam

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Stars by Michael Faudet

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❝ I think we’re just gonna have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that. ❞
—— The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) dir. by Wes Anderson 





Okay, so I have watched this gif about 100 times now and there is just absolutely no way that Louis and Harry weren’t kissing. It looks like whispering at first, partly because you just assume that they can’t kiss on stage, but once you look at the little details you realize that they are (although I’m assuming they were somewhere covered, and didn’t realize that their shadows were being clear as day for everyone in the audience.)

First of all just look at Harry’s right arm. He reached out for Louis when he is walking towards him, and then pulls him closer to his body. I’m sorry but there is absolutely no way he would pull him in like that if they were just going to whisper. You can also see Harry’s hand about halfway into the gif, it is wrapped around Louis’ waist and resting on the curve on his spine, just above Louis’ butt. Again: not something you do when you are being whispered to. Now look at Louis’ left hand. Just before it goes behind Harry his hand is cupped like a C, so he can hold the back of Harry’s neck to support him while they snog. Lastly, please pay attention to the angle at which they are standing at. Part of the reason that this looks like whispering at first is that Harry is angled slightly towards the audience so it doesn’t seem possible that his lips are connecting with Louis’. What isn’t so obvious at first, however, is that Louis’ back is angled towards the audience as well, so their faces are right in front of each other.

This is an honest to God kiss that we have on footage and I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this. 

does anyone know when this was from

That’s zayn


hair goals forever X

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First line Friday: The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde 

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So proud of my mother for doing her own research after I sent her that meme. A sign she hung in her car window.

Stay woke

Is this true?

Not only is it true, it gets worse. The Susan G Komen For The Cure Foundation has actually successfully sued “competing” charities, because (paraphrasing) their “message or branding was infringing.”

You read that correctly: they took money that people had donated to cure cancer, and hired attorneys with it, to sue ANOTHER group of people trying to find a cure for cancer, who, in turn, had to use their donated money to hire their own legal counsel to defend themselves.

There’s a documentary about this on Netflix called Pink Ribbons, Inc. if anyone’s interested.