Fatherhood is a scary thing because as soon as you’ve done it you’ve messed up the kid. You’re only human and you’ll be projecting your own shit on them and putting your own expectations on them and treating them as though they’re a part of you rather than a separate entity. I am absolutely fascinated by fatherhood, though, and have been for a long time. I intend to be the perfect father. I’m sure I’ll fail miserably.

You look fantastic. What are you wearing?

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were seen out and about in Nyc May 18th


"I think one of the amazing things about Spider-Man is that you don’t see skin color when he’s in the suit. You don’t see any religious beliefs. You don’t see any denominations. Everyone can project themselves into that suit. It’s incredibly powerful in that way. So of course I think it’s important that the openness, the casting, in terms of who could be Spider-Man, could be absolutely anyone. A hero is a hero, whether you’re a man, woman, gay, lesbian, straight, black, white or red all over — it doesn’t matter."

Andrew Garfield, on the universal appeal of Spider-man [x]

Andrew Garfield makes pizza at ‘Locanda dei Girasoli’ in Rome, Italy (April 14, 2014)

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Andrew Garfield as Justin Timberlake

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Andrew Garfield heading to Sony Center in Berlin (April 15, 2014)